ExpenseWare: Expense Reporting for Small Businesses  
The needs of today’s small business are anything but small, especially when it comes to managing expenses. With ExpenseWare, you gain access to an enterprise-level tool that saves you time and money and gives you control over company spending.

What is ExpenseWare?
ExpenseWare is an affordable, on-demand solution that automates expense reporting for small businesses. As an online service, it can be accessed by 1 or 1000 users from anywhere with no need for hardware, software, backups, maintenance, or IT staff. ExpenseWare can be implemented in minutes and is immediately scalable as your firm grows.

Primary Users
* Employees, consultants, and affiliates of small businesses who need to submit expense reports
* Administrative and accounting staff who need to process the data and record it in the General Ledger Accounting system
* Business owners who want to save money, control costs, and improve transparency into company spending

How do I try out ExpenseWare?
ExpenseWare is available via the Intuit Partner Platform. Browse this site for additional information and then click here :Getting Started to sign up for a free Trial.


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